IOC 2017 IOC vs Yulia Chekaleva (Tchekaleva) - Operative Part

Two reports commissioned by WADA, published by Prof Richard McLaren on 18.07.2016 and 09.12.2016, showed detailed evidences of organised manipulation of some Russian samples collected during the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014. The reports describe how urine bottles were opened and urine was switched with clean modified urine coming from a “biobank”, and how urine density had to be adjusted to match that recorded on the doping control form (if different at the time of collection) by adding salt to the sample.

As a result of the McLaren Reports the IOC Oswald Commission started investigations in order to establish the possible liability of individual athletes and to issue any sanctions so that decisions could be taken as far in advance of the 2018 Winter Games as possible. In the context of this Commission the IOC decided that all the samples of all Russian athletes who participated in Sochi were re-analysed. The re-analysis establish whether there was doping or whether the samples themselves were manipulated.

Yulia Chekaleva is a Russian Athlete competing in the Women's Cross Country Skiing Events at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The IOC Disciplinary Commission has reported an anti-doping rule violation against the Athlete and considered the facts and arguments submitted by the Parties.

Therefore, pending the issue of a motivated decision, the IOC Disciplinary Commission decides on 1 December 2017 that the Athlete Yulia Chekaleva:

1.) is found to have committed anti-doping rule violations pursuant to Article 2 of The International Olympic Committee Anti-Doping Rules applicable to the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, in 2014;
2.) is disqualified from the events in which she participated upon the occasion of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, in 2014, namely:
- (i) the Women's Skiathlon 7.5 + 7.5km Mass Start Cross Country Skiing Event, in which she ranked 15th;
- (ii) the Women's 10km Classic Cross Country Skiing Event, in which she ranked 11th;
- (iii) the Women's 4x5km Cross Country Skiing Relay Event, in which she ranked 6tha nd for which she was awarded a diploma;
- (iv) the Women's 30km Freestyle Mass Start Cross Country Skiing Event, in which she ranked 32th;
3.) has the diploma obtained in the Women's Cross Country Skiing Relay 4x5km Event withdrawn and is ordered to return the same to the International Olympic Committee.
4.) The Russian Team is disqualified from the Women's 4x5km Cross Country Skiing Relay Event. The corresponding diplomas are withdrawn and shall be returned to the International Olympic Committee.
5.) The International Ski Federation is requested to modify the results of the abovementioned events accordingly and to consider any further action within its own competence.
6.) Yulia Chekaleva is declared ineligible to be accredited in any capacity for all editions of the Games of the Olympiad and the Olympic Winter Games subsequent to the Sochi Olympic Winter Games.
7.) The Russian Olympic Committee shall ensure full implementation of this decision.
8.) The Russian Olympic Committee shall notably secure the return to the International Olympic Committee, as soon as possible, of the diplomas awarded in connection with the Women's 4x5km Cross Country Skiing Relay Event to the members of the Russian Team.
9.) This decision enters into force immediately.

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