Examining the Profile and Perspectives of Individuals Attending Harm Reduction Services who are Users of Performance and Image enhancing Drugs

Examining the Profile and Perspectives of Individuals Attending Harm Reduction Services who are Users of Performance and Image enhancing Drugs / Ciarán J. Jennings, Emer Patten, Mark Kennedy, Chris Kelly. - Dublin : Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI), 2014


The present report presents findings from a research project undertaken by Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI). The evidence emerging from international studies points to a significant increase in the prevalence of individuals attending harm reduction services who are users of performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs). Given the indicators of a similar trend emerging in an Irish context, the rationale underlying the study was based on the recognition of the growing need to examine the profile and perspectives of such individuals attending services in Ireland. The study employed a mixed method research design, with 89 clients of harm reduction services, who were users of PIEDs, completing a comprehensive survey. An overview of the nine primary questions, which the research aimed to address, is provided below, with a description of the main findings relevant to each question also presented.


Chapter 1: Review of Literature
1.1. Overview of the Research Problem
1.2. Defining Key Concepts
1.2.1. Performance and image enhancing drugs
1.2.2. Harm reduction
1.3. Literature Review
1.3.1. Socio-demographic characteristics
1.3.2. Use of PIEDs
1.3.3 Use of other substances.
1.3.4. Injecting practices and blood-borne viruses
1.3.5. The interaction of harm reduction and users of PIEDs
1.4. The Present Study
1.4.1. Research context
1.4.2. Research questions
Chapter 2: Methodology
2.1. Research Design
2.2. Participants and Sampling
2.3. Materials
2.4. Procedure
2.5. Data Analysis
2.6. Ethical Considerations
Chapter 3: Findings
3.1. Descriptive Statistics
3.2. Socio-Demographic Characteristics
3.3. Use of PIEDs
3.4. Side-Effects Experienced in Association with use of PIEDs
3.5. Training and Exercise
3.6. Use of Other Substances
3.7. Injecting Practices
3.8. Blood-borne Viruses
3.9. Harm Reduction Service Utilisation
3.10. Perspectives on Harm Reduction Services
Chapter 4. Discussion
4.1. Restatement of Aims and Research Questions
4.2. Overview of Key Findings
4.3. Interpretation of Findings
4.4. Appraisal of Methodology
4.5. Recommendations
4.5.1. Recommendations for practice
4.5.2. Recommendations for research
4.6. Conclusion

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1 November 2014
Jennings, Ciarán J.
Kelly, Chris
Kennedy, Mark
Patten, Emer
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Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI)
Trinity College
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