The Use of Dietary Supplements in Fitness Practitioners: A Cross-Sectional Observation Study

The Use of Dietary Supplements in Fitness Practitioners : A Cross-Sectional Observation Study / Massimiliano Mazzilli, Filippo Macaluso, Stefano Zambelli, Pietro Picerno, Enzo Iuliano. - (Environmental Research and Public Health 18 (2021) 9 (9 May); 5005)

  • PMID: 34065071
  • PMCID: PMC8125933
  • DOI: 10.3390/ijerph18095005


This study was aimed at evaluating the prevalence of use of dietary supplements (DSs) among gym users and gym instructors involved in body shaping-oriented fitness training. Furthermore, this study aimed to verify whether differences existed in the prevalence and in the types of DSs used in both gym users and gym instructors involved in body shaping-oriented fitness competitions vs. those not involved in fitness competitions. A survey was distributed to 316 participants, composed of 89 gym instructors and 227 gym users of both genders aged 27.3 ± 7.7. Among these participants, 52 were involved in competitions and 248 were not, while 16 participants did not specify either way. The results showed a high prevalence in the use of DSs in the population considered, with 85.4% of the participants declaring they used DSs, with high heterogeneity in the numbers and in the combinations used. No differences were found between gym instructors and gym users, or between participants involved and those not involved in competitions. The results indicate that DSs are widely used by persons involved in body shaping-oriented fitness training. The results also suggest that the majority of the participants decided individually which DSs to use.

Keywords: body shaping; dietary supplements; exercise; food supplements; gyms; physical fitness.

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9 May 2021
Iuliano, Enzo
Macaluso, Filippo
Mazzilli, Massimiliano
Picerno, Pietro
Zambelli, Stefano
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Università degli Studi eCampus - eCampus University
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1 July 2021
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15 July 2021
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