UEFA-CEDB 2019 UEFA vs AIK & Rasmus Lindkvist

In August 2019 the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has reported an anti-doping rule violation against the Swedish football club AIK and its player Rasmus Lindkvist for their failure to submit to sample collection.

The UEFA Doping Control Officer (DCO) reported that on 22 August 2019 the player did not report to the Doping Control Station straight from the pitch as soon as the match was over, which resulted in the player staying in the dressing room for less than one minute before reporting to the Doping Control Station.

The club and the player apologised for the incident and submitted that for the doping control routines at the Swedisch League the player can go to the dressing room, followed by the DCO, after the match. Thereupon the football club had changed its doping control routine.

The Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body (CEDB) finds that the anti-doping rule violations have been established and that this was undisputed by the football club and the player.

The CEDB deems that it is of utmost importance, in order to ensure the functioning and efficiency of the UEFA anti-doping programme, that clubs and players respect and follow the regulations set out by UEFA and act diligently when implementing such regulations.

Therefore the CEDB decides on 19 September 2019:

  1. To fine AIK €5,000 for the doping offence, i.e. for not ensuring that the player Lindkvist Rasmus selected for sample collection reported to the doping control station
    straight from the pitch as soon as the match was over.
  2. To fine AIK player Lindkvist Rasmus €5,000 for the doping offence, i.e. for not reporting to the doping control station directly after the conclusion of the match.
  3. The above fines must be paid into the bank account indicated below within 90 days of communication of this decision.
  4. AIK ensures that the player is personally informed of this decision.

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19 September 2019
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