iNADO Update #2022-11

iNADO Update (2022) 11 (7 November)
Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO)


iNADO Community

  • iNADO Presentation Report - NADOs acting as Sport Integrity Agencies
  •  Insights Report: Practices around calling Athletes within the final five minutes of the testing time slot
  • Testing Process for Athletes with Disability

Bulletin Board

  • iNADO Stakeholder Survey designed by OAKS Consultancy
  • Working Together Towards Excellence: iNADO Board hosted Webinars to Present the 5-year Strategic Plan
  • iNADO Webinar: New Way of Working
  • iNADO Webinar Summary: WADA NADO EAG Elections Candidates Introductory Webinars

Practical Development in Anti-Doping

  • iNADO ADAMS Working Group
  • iNADO Members: Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Athlete's Voice

  • Léa Krüger - Advocating for Athletes and Clean Sport
  • Sharing Global Stories: Inclusion of Athletes' Voice in the Eduation Sessions of NADA Germany


  • Tony Josiah appointed as Director of Education, Insight and Global Engagement at UKAD
  • Kim Højgaard Ravn, new CEO of Anti-Doping Denmark

iNADO Partners & Sponsors

  • New at the Anti-Doping Knowledge Center

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7 November 2022
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