UCI-ADT 2022 UCI vs Hossein Mohammadiha

In December 2021 the International Cycling Union (UCI) has reported an anti-doping rule violations against the Iranian cyclist Hossein Mohammadiha after his sample tested positive for the prohibited substances Recombinant Erythropoietin (rhEPO) and Oxycodone. In addition the UCI reported that the Athlete had tampered with any part of the Doping Control.

The Doping Control Officer and the Chaperone reported that in August 2021 at the Cross Country Marathon the Athlete had been duly notified and had signed the notification form. Thereupon the Athlete rode away on his bike despite being warned several times.

When the Chaperon lost contact, and was able to locate the Athlete again, he claimed to be someone els by providing a false identity. Yet he had prior already signed the notification form. Eventually he complied and submitted to sample collection.

A provisional suspension was ordered in December 2021. Delays in this case were attributed to the Athlete because he did not participate in the results managment process and communication had to go through the Cycling Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CFI).

Between December 2021 and June 2022 the CFI forwarded the communications adressed to the Athlete and the UCI. However in June 2022 the Athlete refused to sign the proposed Acceptance of Consequences Form within the set deadline, notwithstanding repeated warnings from the CFI about the consequences of his refusal.

In September 2022 the case was referred to the UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal and settled based on the written submissions of the Parties. Although the Athlete was duly notified by the CFI he failed to file a statement in his defence, nor participated in the proceedings.

In his previous submissions the Athlete accepted the test result and explained that he had used a pain killer provided by a friend for his injury. He denied the intentional use of rhEPO whereas he claimed that he only had used a supplement with rhEPO not listed on the label.

Following assessment of the evidence the Sole Arbitrator finds that the presence of the prohibited substances has been established in the Athlete's sample and accordinghly that he committed an anti-doping rule violation. He concludes that the Athlete failed to produce corroborating evidence that the supplement in question was indeed the source of the prohibited substance.

In this matter the Sole Arbitrator determines that rhEPO can't be used orally as alleged by the Athlete. Furthermore his supplement in question was not tested, nor did he provide details about the purchase and use of this alleged supplement.

Finally the Sole Arbitrator deems that there are aggravating circumstances in this case because the Athlete had used multiple prohibited substances whereas he deliberately had attempted to tamper with any part of the Doping Control.

Therefore the UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal decides on 12 January 2023 to impose a 6 year period of ineligibility on the Athlete starting on the date of the provisional suspension, i.e. on 15 December 2021. The UCI's costs for the results management shall be borne by the Athlete.

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23 May 2022
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