Steroidomics for highlighting novel serum biomarkers of testosterone doping

Steroidomics for highlighting novel serum biomarkers of testosterone doping / Federico Ponzetto, Julien Boccard, Raul Nicoli, Tiia Kuuranne, Martial Saugy, Serge Rudaz. - (Bioanalysis 11 (2019) 12 (10 June); p. 1171-1187).

  • PMID: 31179715.
  • DOI: 10.4155/bio-2019-0079


Aim: Quantification of testosterone (T) and 5α-dihydrotestosterone serum concentrations proved to be an efficient alternative to urinary steroid profiling for the detection of T doping. In this context, additional serum markers could be discovered by exploratory untargeted steroidomics studies.

Results: Endogenous steroid metabolites were monitored by ultra high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry in serum samples collected during a T administration clinical trial. A three-step workflow for accurate review of annotation was used and multifactorial data analysis allowed highlighting promising serum biomarkers. Longitudinal monitoring of selected compounds was performed to assess T abuse detection capabilities.

Conclusion: Application of serum steroidomics showed high potential for biomarker discovery of T doping, suggesting longitudinal monitoring of steroid hormones in serum as a significant improvement in detection of endogenous steroids abuse.


Research / Study
10 June 2019
Boccard, Julien
Kuuranne, Tiia
Nicoli, Raul
Ponzetto, Federico
Rudaz, Serge
Saugy, Martial
Other organisations
Lausanne Laboratory for doping analysis
Universität Basel - University of Basel
Université de Genève - University of Geneva
Université de Lausanne (UNIL) - University of Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland: Laboratoire Suisse d’Analyse du Dopage
Analytical aspects
Mass spectrometry analysis
Testing method development
Doping classes
S1. Anabolic Agents
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9 September 2019
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7 September 2020
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