UKAD 2018 UKAD vs Ivica Bačurin

In September 2018 and in March 2019 the United Kingdom Anti-Doping (UKAD) has reported 2 anti-doping rule violations against the Croatian boxer Ivica Bačurin after his sample tested positive for the prohibited substances Cannabis, Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, Methandienone, Testosterone and Trenbolone. After notification a provisional suspension was ordered. The Athlete filed a statement in his defence and he was heard for the National Anti-Doping Panel.

The Athlete denied the intentional use of the prohibited substances and assumed that the positive test was the result of his use of contaminated water or the use of contaminated supplements. He argued that he was tested before in his career without issues but failed to provide evidence in support of his assumptions. The Athlete later admitted the use of Cannabis since the age of 17 and his trainer produced a written statement admitting he had supplied ‘products’ to the Athlete.

UKAD did not accept the Athlete’s explanations and contended that the Athlete failed to provide any evidence in support. Further the London Lab concluded, based on the test results, that the Athlete was a long-term user of Cannabis and considered it highly unlikely that either a contaminated drink or a contaminated supplement were the source of the positive test. The London Lab reported that the Athlete had probably consumed anabolic steroids on more than one occasion (i.e. not in a single administration).

The Panel concludes that the strong probability is that at least some part of the presence of prohibited substances in his sample is most probably explained by deliberate administration other than orally. Whether the administration was orally or by (for example) injection is unimportant in the present case neither that the ‘products’ were supplied by his trainer. The Panel deems that the overwhelming probability is that the Athlete either intended to cheat or, at the very least, conducted himself in a way as to manifestly disregard the risk of an anti-doping violation.

Further the Panel holds that the two reported anti-doping violations against the Athlete are considered as one single violation and establish that the he failed to provide a timely admission nor did he respect his provisional suspension as he participated in a boxing bout in September 2018 in Zagreb.

Therefore the National Anti-Doping Panel decides on 30 September 2019 to impose a 4 year period of ineligibility on the Athlete starting on 9 September 2018.

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30 September 2019
Johnson, Lorraine
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Methandienone (17β-hydroxy-17α-methylandrosta-1,4-dien-3-one)
Trenbolone (17β-hydroxyestr-4,9,11-trien-3-one)
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