Potential for Dehydration to Impact the Athlete Biological Passport

Potential for Dehydration to Impact the Athlete Biological Passport / Kirsten E. Coffman, Katherine M. Mitchell, Roy M. Salgado, Geoffrey D. Miller, Robert W. Kenefick, Samuel N. Cheuvront. - (Drug Testing and Analysis (2020) 20 April).
- PMID: 32311833.
- DOI: 10.1002/dta.2811


Purpose: In order to inform the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP), this study determined whether the elevation in hemoglobin (Hb) following intracellular or extracellular dehydration would trigger an atypical passport finding (ATPF).

Methods: Seven male and three female volunteers (age: 23±4y; height: 170±8cm; body mass: 78±12kg) were carefully euhydrated (EUH) to determine baseline Hb levels. Volunteers then completed both an exercise-induced sweating dehydration (SW) protocol and a diuretic-induced dehydration (DI) protocol. Dehydration was assessed via body mass changes and Hb was measured via bench-top automated hematology analyzer. Using the ABP module, the expected baseline range for each individual was determined using EUH trials, and the impact of each dehydration protocol was then assessed in comparison to these thresholds.

Results: Volunteers lost on average 3.1% and 3.7% body mass in the SW and DI trials, respectively. While only one subject exceeded the upper threshold following DI dehydration, six additional subjects demonstrated highly unusual ABP profiles; this was not the case for SW.

Conclusion: Sweating is not a feasible explanation for elevated Hb during ABP testing; however, recent illness such as secretory diarrhea, which is mimicked by diuretic administration, may be capable of producing elevated Hb in athletes' biological passports.


Research / Study
20 April 2020
Cheuvront, Samuel N.
Coffman, Kirsten E.
Geoffrey D. Miller
Kenefick, Robert W.
Mitchell, Katherine M.
Salgado, Roy M.
United States of America
Other organisations
U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM)
Salt Lake City, USA: The Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory (SMRTL)
Analytical aspects
Atypical Finding (ATF)
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Blood doping
Hemoglobin levels
Athlete Biological Passport (ABP)
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22 April 2020
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1 May 2020
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