Pursuit of the muscular ideal: Physical and psychological consequences and putative risk factors

Pursuit of the muscular ideal : Physical and psychological consequences and putative risk factors / Guy Cafria, J. Kevin Thompson, Lina Ricciardelli, Marita McCabe, Linda Smolak, Charles Yesalis. - (Clinical Psychology Review 25 (2005) 2 (February); p. 215-239)
- PMID: 15642647.
- DOI: 10.1016/j.cpr.2004.09.003


Developing a lean muscular figure for the purposes of sports and/or appearance has become a central issue for males. Concern has been raised because the desire to develop such a body build may lead to the adoption of numerous health-threatening behaviors. Consequently, this review presents a comprehensive analysis of the physical and psychological consequences that result from the use of steroids (legal and illegal), ephedrine, and deleterious dieting strategies specific to males. Putative risk factors for these behaviors will be identified, and the clinical disorder associated with the extreme abuse of these behaviors, muscle dysmorphia, will be examined.

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30 December 2004
Cafria, Guy
McCabe, Marita
Ricciardelli, Lina
Smolak, Linda
Thompson, J. Kevin
Yesalis, Charles E.
United States of America
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Deakin University
Pennsylvania State University (PSU)
University of South Florida (USF)
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22 April 2020
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2 December 2021
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