Doping as a Manifestation of a Narcissistic Civilization

Doping as a Manifestation of a Narcissistic Civilization
Konstantinos Dedousis. - (Sport, Ethics and Philosophy (2019) 4 July; p. 1-15)

  • DOI: 10.1080/17511321.2019.1638960


Over every and each sport event, a dark veil spreads and obfuscates the celebration: doping. Although anti-doping policies have been widely applied, controlling and diminishing this phenomenon has not been achieved yet and the use of doping is commonplace. In this article, I propose the concept of narcissistic civilization as a tool to interpret this phenomenon. I seek for a parallel reading between the Freudian idea of narcissism and its extension to social narcissism by Fromm, together with Heidegger’s analysis of technology, keeping in mind that doping is a technological application. In this way I point out that both theories share a common view in that humans tend to fail in the distinction between the external reality as an object and their own self as the interpreter, that is between the ¨I¨ and the ¨not I¨. By making this fusion of the two theories that originate from different intellectual traditions, I aspire to provide an interpretation tool for the broad use of doping: I conclude that doping can be understood with the assumption of a narcissistic civilization, focused on technology, that calls for the use of PEDs.

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4 July 2019
Dedousis, Konstantinos
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Universitat de València (UV) - University of Valencia
Doping culture
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29 October 2020
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30 October 2020
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