Androgen deficiency in the aging man

Androgen deficiency in the aging man / Ranjan Arianayagam, Mohan Arianayagam, Shaun McGrath, Prem Rashid. - (Australian Family Physician 39 (2010) 10 (October); p. 752-755)

  • PMID: 20890477


Background: Androgen deficiency in the aging man is an area of considerable debate because a gradual decline in testosterone may simply be part of the normal aging process. However, there is an alternative view that androgen deficiency in the aging man may constitute a valid and underdiagnosed disorder.

Objective: To discuss the aetiology, clinical features, diagnosis and management of androgen deficiency in the aging man.

Discussion: Late onset hypogonadism has clinical features that overlap with both normal aging and some pathological conditions. It can only be diagnosed on the basis of both suggestive clinical features and clear biochemical evidence of testosterone deficiency. In this group of patients medication may play a role.

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1 October 2010
Arianayagam, Mohan
Arianayagam, Ranjan
McGrath, Shaun
Pashid, Prem
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John Hunter Hospital (JHH)
Port Macquarie Base Hospital
Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH)
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