Muscle Dysmorphia and Personality Trait: A Significant Link in Bodybuilders

Muscle Dysmorphia and Personality Trait : A Significant Link in Bodybuilders / Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Sai Kishore, Shweta Shenoy, Harwinder Singh Randhawa. - (Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Education and Research 47 (2013) 2 (April-June); p. 77-82)

  • DOI: 10.5005/JP-JOURNALS-10028-1060

The purpose of this study was to test for significant link between personality trait and muscle dysmorphia in bodybuilders. A total of 212 bodybuilders filled the muscle dysmorphia inventory of which 44.3% (n = 94) were found to be muscle dysmorphic. Their personality traits assessed using eysenck personality profiler in the vienna testing system machine revealed 65% of muscle dysmorphic bodybuilders being predominantly oriented toward extroversion type of personality. Further statistical analysis revealed, the significance between the muscle dysmorphia inventory and the personality traits and its results are discussed. Estimating the prevalence and categorizing based on personality has rather opened a new gateway to identify such vulnerable men who are susceptible to their own drive for muscularity.

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1 June 2013
Kishore, Sai
Randhawa, Harwinder Singh
Sandhu, Jaspal Singh
Shenoy, Shweta
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Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU)
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Body image
Muscle dysmorphia
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2 June 2021
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4 June 2021
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