iNADO Update #2021-12

iNADO Update (2021) 12 (7 December)
Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO)


iNADO Community

  • iNADO Acknowledges the Approval of Further Governance Reforms by the WADA Foundation
  • AMADA Annual Report
  • iNADO Live Chat - Gobi Nair
  • Antidoping Switzerland Foundation to become the Swiss Sport Integrity Foundation in 2022
  • World Rugby's "Keep Rugby Clean" Campaign
  • Sport Integrity Australia – Victories and Challenges after 18 Months of Creation

Bulletin Board

  • INADO Intervention at the Foundation Board Meeting of Paris
  • INADO Live Member Only Teleconference:
    "Challenges and Opportunities for INADO in 2022" with Nick Paterson
  • iNADO Webinar: Delivering Education with the support of your country sport system with NADA Austria and
    Slovak Anti-Doping Agency
  • Update on iNADO Workshop 2022: New Possibilities to Use Anti-Doping Capacity

Athlete's Voice

  • Establishment of the Athlete Committee in Drug Free Sport New Zealand


  • Pavel Christian Balaj steps down


  • Study confirms Presence of Undeclared Prohibited Substances in Nutrition Supplements

Practical Development in Anti-Doping

  • Social Sciences Researchers Propose a Doping Prevention Research Agenda 

Feature of the Month

  • iNADO Live Chat Celebration
  • Visit to the Doping Authority Netherlands & Anti Doping Denmark

iNADO Partners & Sponsors

  • New at the Anti-Doping Knowledge Center

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7 December 2021
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