ITF 2021 ITF vs Matilde Paoletti

In August 2021 the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has reported an anti-doping rule violation against the Italian tennis player Matilde Paoletti (18) after her A and B samples tested positive for the prohibited substance Clostebol in a low concentration.

After notification the Athlete gave a prompt admission, waived her right for a hearing, accepted a provisional suspenson and the sanction proposed by the ITF.

The Athlete denied the intentional use of the subsance and at first she could not explain how the substance had entered her system. After investigations the Athlete produced witness statements and expert reports in her defence that established the source of the prohibited substance.

The Athlete asserted that the positive test results must have been caused by inadvertent transdermal absorption of Clostebol through prolonged close contact with the family dog. Without the Athlete's knowledge the dog's dermatitis had been treated by her mother at the relevant time with Veterabol, a veterinary medication in spray form that contains Clostebol.

After the ITF had received further specifical factual and scientific evidence from the Athlete it accepts that she had established that the it is more likely than not that the presence of Clostebol was due to inadvertent transdermal absorption of Clostebol at the relevant time following physical contact with her family dog, which was, unknown to the Athlete, being treated with Veterabol spray containing Clostebol.

Further the Montreal Lab confirmed that the repeated treatment with Clostebol administered by spray to the Athlete's dog on the dates and in the quantities asserted by the Athlete could explain the positive test result.

Based on the evidence the ITF concludes on 17 December 2021 that the violation was not intentional and that the Athlete acted with No Fault or Negligence. Therefore the Athlete's provisional suspension is lifted with immediate effect and she will not serve any period of ineligibility for her anti-doping rule violation.

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17 December 2021
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