ITF 2023 ITF vs Vladislav Ivanov

In March 2023 the International Tennis Federation (ITF) reported an anti-doping rule violation against the Russian tennis player Vladislav Ivanov for his evasion, refusal or failure to submit to sample collection. The Athlete filed a statement in his defence and he was heard for the ITF Disciplinary Tribunal.

Anti-Doping Personnel reported that on 14 September 2022, the Athlete did not attend immediately the Doping Control Station at the tournament in Morocco. Instead following notification he shouted at the Chaperone, threw the paperwork on the grount and went to his hotel.

After the Athlete had received a new nofication he first watched a match of friends and had discussions. Only two and a half hours after he had received notification from the Chaperone he attended the Doping Control Center and provided a sample.

The Athlete denied the charges and disputed the testimonies of the Chaperone, the Doping Control Officer and the Tournament Official. He believed that he had permission to go to his hotel room.

He asserted that at the tournament he indeed had provided a sample. He acknowledged that he had received anti-doping education and had been tested.

Because the Athlete previously had received anti-doping education and had been tested two weeks before the incident the Tribunal Panel considers that he should have understand his obligations as an Athlete.

The Panel establishes that the Athlete provided different and confusing explanations to justify his conduct. Further the Panel determines that he knew or should have known that he was not allowed to delay the provision of the Sample and nothing should have made him legitimately think that he was authorised not to give it at that moment.

The Panel deems that the Athlete understood the situation and took a conscious decision not to comply with the request. The Panell believes that the he simply decided not to provide the sample at that moment and went directly to the hotel without permission to do so.

The Panel concludes that the Athlete had committed an anti-doping rule violation by refusing to provide a sample when asked to do so. He also failed to demonstrate that this violation was justified because of exceptional circumstances.

Therefore the Independent Tribunal decides on 21 December 2023 to impose a 4 year period of ineligibility on the Athlete, starting on the date of the decision.

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21 December 2023
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