iNADO Update #2023-03

iNADO Update (2023) 3 (6 March)
Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO)


Building a Supportive Community

  • iNADO welcomes Morocco as a new Member
  • Final Call for fundraising for the Ukraine NADO
  • KADA Supporting Capacity Building in the Asian Region

Improving Practice Everywhere

  • Women's Representation in Sports Institutions
  • 2023 Annual iNADO Workshop
  • Summary of Detection Methods from the Cologne and Lausanne Laboratories
  • iNADO Webinar: with NADA Germany and SIA on Education

Speaking up for NADOs and RADOs Globally

  • Summary of Testing Figures and Budget Changes
  • Caribbean looking at Jamaica Model for Sports Development

Monthly Features

  • Adriana Taboza, newly appointed National Secretary of Brazilian Doping Control Authority
  • Women's Representation in Anti-Doping
  • Li Zhiquan, new Director General of China Anti-Doping Agency
  • iNADO's Cooperation with the Consultancy Agency OAKS coming to an end

iNADO Sponsors and Partners

  • New at the Anti-Doping Knowledge Center


6 March 2023
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