Welcome to Doping.nl, the Anti-Doping Knowledge Center.
This site has been established to host information about doping in the broadest sense of the word, and about doping prevention.

The Anti-Doping Authority Netherlands (the Dutch Doping Authority for short) established this site and maintains it. The Doping Authority was founded in 1989 and it is one of the oldest NADOs in the world. Doping.nl was developed with financial support from the Dutch Ministry for Health, Welfare and Sport.

This website  was established because of the importance that the Doping Authority and the Ministry attach to the dissemination of information relevant to doping prevention. Disclosing and supplying relevant information is one of the cornerstones in the fight against doping in sport. However, in practice, a significant amount of information is still not available, or only available to a limited group of users. We therefore decided to bring together all the relevant information in a single site: Doping.nl.

The Doping Authority aims to supply as much information through this website as possible on an ongoing basis. The information will be varied but will focus primarily on: WADA documents like the World Anti-Doping Code, the International Standards like the Prohibited List, Doping Regulations, scientific articles and abstracts, decisions by disciplinary bodies (mainly CAS decisions).As well as making documents available, the Doping Authority aims to supply searchable documents when possible, and to add relevant keywords to ensure easy access.
In the future, Doping.nl will also become a digital archive containing older information that is no longer available elsewhere.

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This site has been designed for use by anti-doping professionals such as National Anti-Doping Organisations and International Federations but also for students, journalists and other people interested in the subject.

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UCI - Q&A response to public comments on the proceedings involving Mr. Froome - 6 July 2018

Q&A response to public comments on the proceedings involving Mr. Froome : Press Release / Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). - Aigle : UCI, 2018 There have been a lot of requests from the public to provide further information on why the case was closed. According to public reports, Dr. Olivier Rabin, Senior Executive Director, Sciences and International Partnerships of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has stated that more detailed information would have to come from the UCI. The key factors as far as the UCI was concerned arose after the following procedural steps: (i) after a first evidentiary phase, Mr. Froome requested information from WADA in late January 2018 – he received a response in early March 2018; (ii) in late March 2018, Mr. Froome then sent a formal request for further information on the salbutamol regime to WADA – he received a response on 15 May 2018; (iii) on 4 June 2018, Mr. Froome submitted his explanation; and (iv) on 28 June 2018, WADA provided its position on the case to UCI. The most relevant factors to the UCI’s decision were: (i) First, obviously, WADA’s position (ii) The second key element was the new WADA Technical Document of 2018 which entered into force on 1 March 2018 (WADA TD2018DL) (iii) Thirdly, Mr. Froome’s expert reports (iv) The specific context and the substance of the case (v) New WADA commissioned studies

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WADA Statement on the Salbutamol Threshold/Decision Limit - 15 May 2018

WADA Statement on the Salbutamol Threshold/Decision Limit / World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). - Montreal : WADA, 2018 Contents: 1. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND 1.1 The List Pre-World Anti-Doping Code 1.2 Evolution of the rules for β2-agonists and more specifically salbutamol under the WADC Prohibited List 1.3 Consolidation of the salbutamol threshold over the years 1.4 Measurement of salbutamol urinary concentration 2. CONCEPT OF THE CONTROLLED EXCRETION STUDY 3. INTEGRATION OF THE MEASUREMENT UNCERTAINTY 3.1 Compliance decisions for Threshold Substances: Thresholds, Measurement Uncertainties and Decision Limits 3.2 Rule applied until 1 September 2010 3.3 Rule applied from 1 September 2010 4. SPECIFIC GRAVITY 5. CONCLUSIONS 6. CONSULTATION AND PEER REVIEW 7. REFERENCES 8. COMPOSITION OF WADA SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEES 8.1 COMPOSITION OF WADA HEALTH, MEDICAL AND RESEARCH COMMITTEES (2001-2018) 8.2 COMPOSITION OF LIST EXPERT GROUPS (2003-2018) 8.3 COMPOSITIONS OF LABORATORY EXPERT GROUPS (2002-2018)

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WADA Note regarding Salbutamol - 5 March 2018

WADA Note regarding Salbutamol / World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). - Montreal : WADA, 2018

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WADA clarifies facts regarding UCI decision on Christopher Froome

WADA clarifies facts regarding UCI decision on Christopher Froome / World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). - Monteal : WADA, 2018 On 2 July 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced that it would not be appealing the Union Cycliste Internationale’s (UCI’s) decision not to assert an Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV) in the case involving British rider Christopher Froome. WADA accepted that the analytical result of Mr. Froome’s sample from 7 September 2017 during the Vuelta a España, which identified the prohibited substance salbutamol at a concentration in excess of the decision limit of 1,200 ng/mL, did not constitute an Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF). The Agency’s decision not to appeal the ruling of the UCI, which was the results management authority with sole jurisdiction in this case, was taken on the basis of a full and careful review of all explanations and supporting evidence submitted by Mr. Froome in June 2018 (which the UCI shared with WADA), as well as thorough consultation with internal and external experts. While WADA remains convinced that the UCI reached the right and fair outcome on this very complex case, the Agency wishes to clarify elements that have been subject to much speculation and misinformation.

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